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About us

In short

A bit of history

The history of HAFNER has been written since 1929, the year when Joannès Hafner, a watchmaker by profession, had to change jobs for health reasons. He will choose the pastry… Since then, HAFNER has been working every day to offer you ever tastier products. A name for two complementary activities: ready-to-garnish and ready-to-sell.

In Canada, HAFNER manufactures in its workshops in PORTNEUF, BELOEIL or LÉVIS a wide variety of pastry products, offering gourmets a journey full of flavors.

HAFNER is pastry for everyone, because gluttony is not a bad thing, and you won't tell us otherwise!

Quality Control

In addition to being delicious, our desserts are SQF certified. This certification is recognized worldwide by processors, retailers and food service providers who seek a rigorous food safety management system. The SQF program is recognized by the GFSI standard.

For your well being

The company has developed tasty desserts that are found in the Our balanced range, which are sources of fiber, low in saturated fat and trans fat, in response to consumer health concerns.

The honor of sharing your table inspires us every day

As always, we make it our duty to offer our customers desserts that are made with quality ingredients and that respect in all respects the basics of traditional preparation. This explains the always exquisite taste of our products.

It is on our dedication to quality and innovation that each of our creations is based. We are constantly working on improving our recipes and updating our ideas and inspirations so that they meet the needs of our customers and current market requirements.